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Strategic Portfolio Management

We have extensive experience of managing portfolios both nationally and internationally, ensuring that property strategy is aligned to business strategy and that it delivers the operational and geographic requirements of your business. We understand that priorities can vary widely in nature from staff to space to sustainability and so our starting point is to establish the key drivers for your decision making, both in the short and long term.

Our assessment of your portfolio includes a detailed analysis of the financial and operational impact as well as clear recommendations on reducing costs and improving efficiency. A Strategic Portfolio Management solution can cover a wide range of commercial property services including:

  • Payment/ collection of rents, service charges and rates
  • Property management and maintenance work
  • Assignment and subletting of leasehold interests
  • Acquisition of new premises
  • Disposal of freehold interests
  • Dealing with rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Portfolio restructuring and rationalisation
  • Asset realisation

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