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 International Property Management

Property. Done properly. At Alps Group this translates into every language. Beyond the UK we have significant experience in international property management. Our expertise has been utilised across every continent, covering a diverse and demanding range of projects.


South Africa

• Chubb: Management of extensive (50+) network of commercial and industrial properties throughout the country, including disposals, lease renewals and lease surrenders.


• Chubb: Disposal of leasehold office and warehouse in Harare.



• Guardforce: Disposal of several leasehold commercial and industrial properties in Hong Kong.

• Guli: Management of serious environmental decontamination project in the Guanzhou Province.


• Minimax: Disposal of leasehold factory in Chennai.

• Steelage: Rejigging tenures of an industrial and residential complex in Mumbai and management of properties across the country.


• PT Indolok Bakti Utama: Disposal of factory in Jakarta.


• Invensys: Disposal of highly contaminated factory in Utsunomya.


• Invensys: Disposal of remotely located factory in Batang Kali, Selangor.


• Detector Electronics: Disposal of leasehold residential units.

• Security Engineering Pte Ltd: Disposal of freehold offices.


• Guardforce: Acquisition of leasehold offices and warehouse in Bangkok



• Chubb/Quell/FFE: Management of 130+ properties throughout the country.

New Zealand

• Pilkington: Disposal of 10 industrial properties.

Central America


• Manutesa: Acquisition of new foundry in Guadalajara, including securing all permits.

Puerto Rica

• Fyrenetics: Disposal of leasehold factory in Luquillo.



• Pilkington: Sale of contaminated site in Brunn.

• Commenda: Decontamination and letting of site in Hallein.


• Angus: Lease renewal in Zaventem.

• Polyfilla: Disposal of leasehold site in Machelen and acquisition of freehold site in Brussels.


• Baxi Heating: Disposal of freehold factory and leaseback of part in Tarm.

• GW Sprinklers: Planning project for factory development in Glamsbjerg.


• Tempus Kustuti: Lease renewal in Tallinn.


• Oy Torrex: Surrender of leasehold warehouse in Helsinki.

• Samtekno: Disposal of freehold factory in Vantaa.


• Baxi: Sale and leaseback of part of industrial and office complex in Le Blanc Mesnil, Paris.

• Eau et Feu: Sale of very dilapidated factory in Wervicq-Sud.

• Invensys: Demolition, decontamination and sale of factory in Myennes.

• Polyfilla: Disposal of leasehold offices in La Defense, Paris.

• SICLI: Management of multi branch estate throughout France.


• Invensys: Management and disposal of legacy sites in Bielefeld, Hagen and Hohr-Grenzhausen. Rationalisation planning and part disposal of a manufacturing and admin site in Stuttgart.

• Kidde Deugra: Lease renewal of factory in Ratingen.

• Molto: Disposal of contaminated factory in Löhnberg.

• Pilkington: Sale and letting of surplus freehold and leasehold sites nationwide.

• SenerTec: Lease regear in Schweinfurt.

• Xylodecor: Decontamination project in Rheinberg.


• Commenda: Site assembly for new manufacturing facility in Dunaharaszti.


• Chubb Electronic Security: Acquisition of leasehold office and warehouse in Cork.

• Chubb Safes: Disposal of leasehold factory in Dublin.


• Silvani: Factory rationalisation and decontamination project in Bareggio, Milan.

• Yale Corni: Acquisition of leasehold factory in Modena.


• Tempus Lit: Factory relocation, Vilnius.


• Alabastine: Disposal of part of site in Ammerzoden.

• Chubb Lips: Disposal of factory site in Dordrecht.


• NoHa Brannteknik: Acquisition of site of new factory in Stavanger.

• Autronica: Disposal of freehold factoryin Trondheim, disposal of leasehold HO and Acquisition and fit out contract of new HO in Stavanger.


• AVC: Acquisition and project management of fit out and relocation of leasehold office and warehouse in Łódź.

• Eurotherm: Surrender of two leasehold properties and acquisition of single replacement property in Tychy.


• Robbialac: Acquisition of new freehold factory site in Lisbon, and management of network of retail properties.

• Valor: Disposal of leasehold factory in Porto.


• Kidde: Acquisition of freehold factory in Maribor.


• Baxi-Roca: Post acquisition audit and disposal of surplus facilities.

• TESA: Disposal of factories in Basque towns/villages near Irun and management of environmental projects.

• Valor: Disposal of leasehold factory after radio-chemical decontamination in Castelbisbal, Barcelona.


• Invensys: Disposal of contaminated freehold factory and site in Hultsfred.

• Svenska Tempus: Acquisition of new head office in Stockholm, disposal of freehold factory in Eskilstuna, disposal of various leasehold facilities nationwide.


• Berger Electronics: Acquisition of facilities in Murten.

• Molto: Disposal of leasehold factory in Basle and acquisition of replacement in Lenzburg.

North America


• General Paint: Management of network of factories and retail outlets across western Canada centred on Vancouver.

• Fireye: Disposal of leasehold warehouse in Montreal.

• NuTone: Disposal of leasehold warehouse in Toronto.

• Pyrene: Disposal of leasehold facility in Scarborough, Ontario.

• Yale: Disposal of leasehold facility and acquisition of replacement in Mississauga, Ontario.


• Corbin Ruswin: Subletting of 1,000,000 sq ft factory and major decontamination project in Berlin, CT.

• Forney: Disposal of leasehold factory and offices in Austin, TX.

• Frazee: Management of retail network throughout the SW states, based on San Diego, CA.

• Kidde Fenwall: Surrender of lease of a manufacturing unit in Ashland, MA.

• Kwal-Howells and Parker Paint: Management of a network of retail outlets and factories throughout the Rockies and Pacific North West.

• NuTone: Management of an extremely complicated RCR registered environmental project in Harrodsburg, KY and disposal of leasehold warehouse and contaminated freehold factory in Cincinnatti, OH.

• Valor: Radio-chemical decontamination and sale of factory in Morris, IL.

• Walter Kidde Aerospace: Environmental decontamination project and disposal of freehold factory to The Body Shop, as their US HQ in Wake Forest, NC.

• Yale: Lease renewal of HQ factory in Charlotte, NC.

South America


• Kidde: Acquisition of factory in Buenos Aires.


• Yale La Fonte: Project management of environmental clean-up project in Sao Paolo.

* In Canada, we have worked in all provinces except the Atlantic ones.

** We have worked in 35 states – the listed projects are a very small sample.